Friday, 16 August 2019

Register On Tipestry and Receive a Free Blogging Ebook From Me



In my previous post, i gave a personal review/experiences that i have gained by being a member on steemit and tipestry and i compared the two where i gave reasons why i think that is far better than in terms of earning potential and user-friendly feature.

Today in this post, i am unveiling an offer that will be a huge benefit to potential members. Tipestry is a social platform that pays you cryptocurrencies for basically posting articles and gifs. 

If someone likes the article or GIF you posted, he will give you some amount of bitcoin or ethereum or doge or tipcoin in a process called 'TIP'. You can either create an original post or post someone's content. Either way, you have to include the website URL of the source of the post.  

You can withdraw your earnings weekly after reaching the minimum payout threshold. Not only do you earn on, you also learn so many exciting stuffs and catch fun all along.

From today, the 16th of august 2019 - 16th of September 2019, i will hand over a free eBook (that demystifies the potential of blogging) to my blog readers who registers on within the aforementioned time-frame.


 STEP 1:

Visit the website at


Click on ''REGISTER''

fill in the required details 
a. check the box for ''i agree to the terms and conditions''
b. check the box for ''i'm not a robot''

Click on ''SIGN UP'' 

Verify your account. To verify your account, check your email for a message from 
Just login to the  email you submitted while registering, and check for a message from, open the message and click on ''VERIFY MY ACCOUNT''  


To get the eBook, Just screenshot your dashboard and send the screenshot and your email address to this email:

I will send the eBook to you as soon as possible after confirming your sent items.

There you have it! Start registering straight away and start earning cryptocurrencies in a fun easy way.
Long live the Platform!

Monday, 12 August 2019

My Brief Personal Comparison Between And

Hi everyone,

Infotips here!

I think it is kind of important I put up this post due to the emergence of crypto social platforms. So far so good, I have withdrawn from most of these social platforms and so I can proudly say it has been an incredible experience, one that truly pays. however, some crypto social platforms are quite good than their counterparts in terms of payment, user-friendliness, popularity, members reviews and what not.

In this post, we will look at two social platforms ( and that pays you cryptocurrency for doing what we all love to do on social media and that is creating post and catching fun all along. I am a member of these two platforms and so I want to share the personal experience that I have gained from both platforms.

STEEMIT.COM has been on for some time now. it was founded in 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer. when I registered, I had high hopes because of the interface and contents of the website. I saw quality contents that I will learn greatly from and a great potential to make money doing what I love and that is writing. The Steemit platform pays users with only steem cryptocurrency. This implies that when Steem price goes low, it affects the platform and consequently, the remuneration value for members posts regardless of the quality of their posts. Unfortunately, my hopes were cut short when I started submitting my posts and getting no engagements and no upvotes and when there are NO engagements and upvotes, then you earn nothing. Nevertheless, I took a deep breath and read every information I could read about the steemit platform to get an in depth understanding of the platform.

Having done this, I tweaked my writing style to make it fit into the steemit community and later I made my first $1 on the platform. On seeing this, I heaved a sigh of relief and doubled my efforts on the platform and that involves my knowing when to post and also knowing the tags to use, and which tag(s) fits best for me.

I realized that the music tag works best for me and so I explored it. Just when I thought that I have found the formula, everything reset to the initial point in my steemit journey, the point when I post an article (a quality article at that) and get no dime from it and also no engagement. I was totally disappointed in the steemit platform. take a look at the photo below and you will get the drift of what I am talking about. You will see clearly that I earned $0.00 in my last three posts. I took my time in creating those posts. it was original, 100% created by me. 

It can be so annoying you know. After spending all the time in the world to create quality post(s) and at the end of 7 days you earn nothing! $0.00 precisely. Those on steemit will agree with me that when you are a newbie on steemit, it takes pretty long before you start earning any reasonable money on the platform. you have to be a whale (having a high reputation score called steem power) before upvotes on your post will get a significant value. So, I would say that steemit is complex to use and rewards for post isn´t certain, thereby leaving some creators very frustrated on the long run.

TIPESTRY.COM just flew right into my heart the very first day I learnt about it. i did some digging into it and I appreciated the creators instantly. In tipestry, you don't need anything like steem power and it does not take time before you start earning as long as you put up good and interesting posts that has the potential to engage readers. you don't need to take into cognizance the time needed to post for great engagements. Just play your role by putting up quality posts. you don't need to be an English professor before you can churn out quality posts either. just a plain and simple expression in the English language will do. you can either create your posts on a website and post it on tipestry including the website URL or you can include your website if you have one, thus increasing your earning power on the platform. It is as simple as "saying your name"

When someone reads your posts and likes it, he will tip you for a job well done with any one of the various cryptocurrencies accepted on the website such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, and tipcoin. I feel at home on than I will ever be on steemit platform. my posts get tipped freely and easily. the website is 100% user-friendly than other social media platforms out there that I have seen and used.  If you look at the photo below, you will see that my posts are being tipped consistently with dogecoin.

Since i received my first payment in dogecoin wallet, I have been evangelizing about the tipestry platform to my online contacts, my friends and family, colleagues, students and so on. Tipestry is growing daily and is here to stay to redefine positively the social media ecosystem.

Though both platforms are legit, both platforms credit your respective crypto wallet immediately after your request for withdrawal. However, I prefer tipestry to steemit platform and the reasons isn’t far-fetched. I recommend tipestry to social media enthusiasts.
Long live the tipestry platform
Long live cryptocurrency